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Supporting Local Industry...

Hudak's has, over the years, made a solid commitment to local primary production, particularly the citrus industry.

In July 1997 Hudak's launched their Sunraysia Orange Loaf containing one orange, grated whole, as well as locally grown currants, sultanas and apricots. Michael Hudak spent three months perfecting the bread and when launched onto the market demand grew strongly.

The recipe was supplied free to any bakery requesting it in order to further promote fruit
in baked goods. The launch of the loaf and subsequent spread of production to other bakeries provoked a significant amount of publicity, but was soon surpassed by another citrus industry issue.

In 1998 Gary Hudak singly handedly started a campaign in support of 100 percent Australian orange juice. Gary Hudak said at the time he did not believe he could live in Mildura and watch citrus growers falling over everywhere while were selling Brazilian orange juice.

Gary issued a challenge to every other retailer who sells orange juice to get rid of anything that can’t be guaranteed as Australian fruit. He contacted all the firms that supplied Hudak's with anything containing oranges and asked for a written guarantee that the fruit was Australian. If a company didn’t provide that, Hudak's ceased to stock their product.

Sunraysia Citrus Growers inc. spokesman at the time Peter Crisp said Hudak's action was probably the greatest act of confidence any citrus grower could expect.

This issue soon gathered momentum and was followed up in national newspapers and on TV programs. In the space of a week over 1000 retailers across Australia were believed to have removed fruit juice containing imported orange juice concentrate from their shelves.


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