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Delicious food at any time of the day...

Delicious food for lunch. Tasty morning and afternoon tea. Full or continental breakfast.

Hudak's Bakeries at the 8th Street end of Langtree Mall, at 15th Street near Deakin Avenue and our new Kiosk at Centro Mildura have a wonderful array of tempting food to be enjoyed.

Pies and pasties are baked in the traditional way and the range of fillings for pies includes all the favourites, with a pie of the week featuring something different. Cornish pasties are another old favourite and assorted quiches come in mini, small and family sizes.

Hot press focaccias, filled paninies and baguettes, sandwiches and rolls are made up freshly every morning and when you wish to choose your own fillings, you will see them made up before your eyes.

Sweet pastries, cakes and slices are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee and all the old fashioned bakery treats such as jam tarts, monkey faces, meringues, shortbread men
and chocolate faces are there to delight the small fry.

For the special morning tea when there’s something to celebrate you’ll find it hard to choose between the luscious Beestings, Vanilla Slice, Chocolate Éclair’s and other delights.

Specialist Cake and Bread Bakers...

The food served in all three Hudak's Bakeries, the Langtree Mall,15th Street & Centro Mildura, is firmly based on the daily fresh bakery products for which Hudak's is renowned.

Of course, in addition to eating in the Bakeries or purchasing take-away food, both Langtree Mall & 15th Street outlets supply customers with Hudak's great range of bread, rolls, pies and cakes. Our Centro Mildura Kiosk provides all of the same freshly made quality products as our other two bigger stores, minus bread.

Hudak's have won many awards at baking shows for traditional white, wholemeal and multigrain breads and these are available in hi-tin, block and barrel loaves, fresh to the shelves each day.

Hudak's Sunraysia Orange Loaf bring delicious variety and nutrition to the family table and there are various crusty breads to enjoy with your home cooked meals.

As each year goes by, more & more people are ordering our award winning Christmas Cake from all over Australia. Available in Regular (920g), Medium (1.4kg) & Large (2.2kg).


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